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Branching into mug territory! This was a limited edition set of mugs I made for the Boston Anarchist Bookfair that bridge the need for ruthless critique of everything existing, my love for queer feminist anti-white supremacist abolitionism, and of course, my love for heavy metal.

Each mug came with a card reading: "This slogan is inspired by a recent talk by Angela Davis titled "Feminism and Abolition: Theories and Practices for the 21st Century." In it, she analyzes, criticized, and resists assimilationist white feminism, demands the category of "women" shift, and pushes for an abolitionist feminist methodology.

Find the talk online at: http://beyondcapitalismnow.wordpress.com/2013/08/08/angela-y-davis-feminism-and-abolition-theories-and-practices-for-the-21st-century/"

**Also available as a shirt!! Inquire within

Analyze Criticize Resist
Analyze Criticize Resist