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In wooden solidarity, here is a unique print from the poster edition I printed up for the May Day march in east Boston on May 1, International Workers Day... These were done right after Arizona passed SB1070, the apartheid-esque anti-immigrant legislation that not only legalizes but basically mandates racial profiling in targeting anyone who might look "illegal"... a complete human rights violation and gross expansion of police power. Fuck this bill and all anti-immigrant laws. (...and the police)

The print pictured was printed with various wood & lead types on a used tyman paper. The prints for the march edition were all done on used blotter paper, about 8x20 each with a unique spraypainted multicolor background. Thank you to the comrades who brought em to the march and everyone who carried em! Some were tossed up on butcher paper around JP during the Wake Up the Earth fest. Wahoo, to the streets!

Here are some 2 links to folks doing work around immigration in and around Arizona---->

¡Alto Arizona!: a response to SB1070, leading calls to action & resistance including a political art campaign!
Repeal Coalition: Arizona based organization committed to fighting for the "freedom to live, love & work anywhere you please"

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NO SB1070